B.P.S./M.S.W. in Social Work (dual degree with Yeshiva University) Curriculum

This program can be taken in two formats: in class or online.

  • In class—at the undergraduate level, classes are offered Sunday mornings, and one or two weeknights at our in-class locations (two to three times weekly), as well as one static online class. At the graduate level, classes are either Sunday or one weekday morning, as well as one live online weeknight class and one static online class.
  • Online—this program is also available fully online utilizing our unique Sara Schenirer Anywhere live-online platform. This platform allows us to offer all classes online in a synchronous format where students and professors see, speak, and hear each other in real time. Classes take place at set times, and students enjoy all the benefits of a live classroom without the hassle and expense of travel, parking, and inclement weather. The class schedule follows the format of the in-class schedule