B.P.S./M.S.W. in Social Work (dual degree with Yeshiva University) FAQs

What is a dual degree bachelor and master’s program in Social Work?
The dual degree bachelor and master’s program in social work through the College of Mount Saint Vincent and the Wurzweiler School of Social Work is an affordable, rigorous, and convenient social work program. Upon completing the 150-credit program, the student graduates with a Master of Social Work from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Criminology and Social Issues from the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Which colleges has Sara Schenirer partnered with to offer this degree?
We are proud to have partnered with the College of Mount Saint Vincent for the undergraduate Bachelor of Professional Studies component of the degree. The College of Mount Saint Vincent is a highly-ranked college featuring an outstanding undergraduate psychology and sociology departments. Among the five oldest colleges in New York City, Mount Saint Vincent offers more than 70 nationally recognized programs, including a full array of majors and minors in the sciences and mathematics, the humanities, arts, and social sciences, and professional preparation in accounting, business, communication, education, and nursing.

We are also proud to have partnered with Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work, a prestigious college featuring a world-class social work department for the M.S.W. component of this degree program. Founded as part of Yeshiva University in 1957, the Wurzweiler School of Social Work is proud to be part of a university system that has ranked No. 1 in New York and No. 2 in the nation for students in advanced degree programs.

Will this degree be accepted by other colleges?
Both the College of Mount Saint Vincent and the Wurzweiler School of Social Work are fully accredited colleges and their degrees are accepted nationwide. Students have used their bachelor’s degrees earned at Mount Saint Vincent to be admitted into master’s programs in a wide variety of colleges. The M.S.W. program at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work is CSWE-accredited.

What is a dual degree program and how does it reduce the length and expense of the social work degree?
Through the dual degree program, the student takes only 150 credits instead of 180 credits. The result is a significant savings of time and expenses as detailed below:

  • In a traditional social work pathway, the student first completes a 120-credit bachelor’s degree, followed by a 60-credit master’s degree for a total of 180 credits. The total cost for this pathway is $70,000. Of that total, only $18,000 would potentially be eligible for FAFSA grants for qualifying students. The remaining $52,000 is only eligible to be covered by FAFSA loans.
  • In the dual degree program, the student takes the first 90 credits of the bachelor’s program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Upon successfully reaching the 90-credit threshold, the student may apply to join Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work M.S.W. program for the remaining 60 credits, the first 30 of which will be counted
    toward the student’s Mount Saint Vincent bachelor’s degree, as well as toward the Wurzweiler School of Social Work master’s degree. The total cost for the dual degree pathway is only $56,500. Additionally, since the first 30 credits of the master’s program are counted toward the bachelor’s program, qualifying students may be eligible to apply for FAFSA grants to assist with tuition for that portion of the degree as well.

Will I be able to join a master’s in social work program even if I don’t join the dual degree program?
Absolutely. Graduates of any qualifying bachelor of science or bachelor of arts program can apply for the M.S.W. program. However, those in the dual degree program will enjoy the benefits of lower costs, potentially larger FAFSA scholarships, and additional social work training at the undergraduate level.

Do you offer an M.S.W. program too?
Yes. Sara Schenirer has partnered with the Wurzweiller School of Social Work to offer a full M.S.W. program for students who have not joined the dual degree program. That program is available in class and online. Details are available upon request.

How long will it take to earn the dual degree bachelor and M.S.W. degree?
The full undergraduate and graduate combined program can be completed in just seven semesters (fall, spring, summer, fall, spring, summer, fall = 27 months).

Will my seminary credits count toward this degree?
Yes, up to 36 seminary credits may be accepted toward the bachelor’s degree program offered at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Will the environment and education be suitable for a Bais Yaakov student?
Both the Wurzweiler School of Social Work and the College of Mount Saint Vincent pride themselves with offering superior education and student support in a culturally sensitive environment. They are very understanding of our unique requirements and religious sensitivities and have worked diligently to provide an environment suitable for a Bais Yaakov graduate while meeting its academic standards.

I’ve heard that social work is a hashkafically problematic field. Is that true?
It certainly can be. In fact, that is the primary reason why we carefully screen each applicant to ensure suitability and maturity. The subject matter is intense and requires great sensitivity, emotional depth, and dependability. Our college partners have worked with us to understand the potential problems inherent in this field and helped us design a program that largely avoids them. Additionally, their faculty are drawn from within our community and great effort is made to review all materials to ensure appropriateness and proper presentation. Regarding fieldwork, every attempt is made to place students in suitable environments for their supervised fieldwork. Nevertheless, the nature of the subject matter and the fieldwork settings can at times mandate exposure to topics, lifestyles, and attitudes that oppose our accepted cultural norms. Students are encouraged to consult a mentor or halachic advisor before embarking in this field of study.

Which credits can be applied towards the dual degree program?
The Office of the Registrar at Mount Saint Vincent grants transfer credits to students who have completed courses at accredited institutions and have provided their official transcripts for evaluation. The Office of the Registrar evaluates and accepts only credits that are applicable to the student’s program of study and reflect a final grade of ‘C’ or above. Accepted credits are applied to the student’s record, reflected on their academic planner, but not calculated into their College of Mount Saint Vincent GPA. The transfer credit planner will also be shared with the student’s advisor to assist with schedule creation and developing a graduation plan.

Where are the Sara Schenirer in-class locations?
For this program, we feature locations in Boro Park, Crown Heights, Far Rockaway, and Monsey.

How many hours of fieldwork are required?

  • At the undergraduate level and the first semester of the graduate level (12 months), students do not perform any fieldwork.
  • At the graduate level, during each of the final four semesters (16 months), students taking a full course load will be required to perform 21 hours of fieldwork per week under the supervision of their on-site supervisor.

How can I be assured of a quality fieldwork experience?
The Wurzweiler School of Social Work’s experienced fieldwork coordinators maintain a vast network of contacts and will do their utmost to ensure suitable placements for you. We recognize that the quality of the fieldwork experience is important to you from a professional and hashkafic standpoint, and every effort is expended to locate opportunities for our students that will complement their needs and standards. Students will also benefit from ongoing contact and support from our highly attentive field coordinators.

How much does the degree cost and is financial aid available/
Learn more about Tuition and Financial Aid

What if I get married or relocate during the course of the program?
The College of Mount Saint Vincent and the Wurzweiler School of Social Work credits can be transferred to most colleges and universities. Students relocating to approved Sara Schenirer locations may continue their degree at their new location under most conditions. Students may also opt to join the online program under certain circumstances.

When do classes begin?
Fall semester classes begin at the beginning of September.

Until when can I apply?
Registration is always open. Applications are accepted until approximately four weeks before the start of the semester. Please inquire about specific dates for the coming semester.

What if I still have more questions?
If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at (718) 633-8557 ext. 32, or email rmilstein@sarasch.com. As always, we will be happy to further assist you.