B.S. in Accounting

The B.S. in Accounting program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The ACBSP accreditation standards are modeled on the Baldrige National Quality Program, which focuses on a student-centered learning approach in the classroom. Learn more about the ACBSP accreditation standards.

Degree Requirements

The B.S. in Accounting requires 126 course credits, including:

College Core Requirements40 credits*
Accounting Major81 credits
Core Business Requirements42 credits
BUSN 105 Principles of Management(3 credits)
BUSN 106 Principles of Marketing(3 credits)
ECON 220 Microeconomics(3 credits)
ECON 230 Macroeconomics*(3 credits)
BUSN 300 Quantitative Methods
(Must be taken before senior year.)
(3 credits)
BUSN 301 Business Law I(3 credits)
BUSN 302 Business Law II(3 credits)
BUSN 303 Fundamentals of Information Systems I(3 credits)
BUSN 309 International Business(3 credits)
BUSN 316 Operations: Methods and Systems(3 credits)
BUSN 317 Principles of Finance(3 credits)
BUSN 318 Human Resource Strategy(3 credits)
BUSN 400 Business Strategy(3 credits)
BUSN 375/475 Business Internship(3 credits)
Professional Accountancy Requirements30 credits
ACCT 205 Principles of Accounting I(3 credits)
ACCT 207 Principles of Accounting II(3 credits)
ACCT 313 Intermediate Accounting I(3 credits)
ACCT 314 Intermediate Accounting II(3 credits)
ACCT 411 Income Taxation(3 credits)
ACCT 412 Cost Accounting(3 credits)
ACCT 450 Auditing Theory and Practice(3 credits)
ACCT 451 Advanced Accounting(3 credits)
ACCT 460 Accounting Research(3 credits)
ACCT 475 Accounting Internship(3 credits)
Cognate Requirements9 credits
MATH 102 Mathematical Modeling*(3 credits)
MATH 119 Statistics*(3 credits)
COMM 210 Public Speaking(3 credits)
Open Electives5 credits
TOTAL126 credits

*Three core credits in the Social Sciences and six core credits in MATH may be satisfied with major requirements for the
B.S. in Accounting.

Sample Program

B.S. in Accounting (126 credits)
Year 1

FYE 101 The First-Year Experience1 credit
ENGL 110 Writing in Context I (fall)3 credits
ENGL 120 Writing in Context II (spring)3 credits
Freshman Seminar3 credits
COMM 210 Public Speaking3 credits
College Core Course3 credits
Modern Language and Literature Core6 credits
MATH 102 Mathematical Modeling3 credits
BUSN 105 Principles of Management3 credits
BUSN 106 Principles of Marketing3 credits
TOTAL31 credits

Year 2

ECON 220 Microeconomic Principles3 credits
ECON 230 Macroeconomic Principles (Social Science Core)3 credits
College Core Courses15 credits
MATH 119 Statistics3 credits
ACCT 205 Principles of Accounting I3 credits
ACCT 207 Principles of Accounting II3 credits
ACCT 313 Intermediate Accounting I3 credits
TOTAL33 credits

Year 3

College Core Courses6 credits
BUSN 300 Quantitative Methods (must be taken before senior year)3 credits
BUSN 301 Business Law I3 credits
BUSN 302 Business Law II3 credits
BUSN 303 Fundamentals of Information Systems3 credits
ACCT 314 Intermediate Accounting II3 credits
BUSN 317 Principles of Finance3 credits
ACCT 411 Income Taxation3 credits
ACCT 412 Cost Accounting3 credits
Open Electives3 credits
TOTAL33 credits

Year 4

BUSN 309 International Business3 credits
BUSN 316 Operations: Methods and Systems3 credits
BUSN 318 Human Resource Strategy3 credits
BUSN 400 Business Strategy3 credits
ACCT 450 Auditing Theory and Practice3 credits
ACCT 451 Advanced Accounting3 credits
ACCT 460 Accounting Research3 credits
ACCT 475 Accounting Internship3 credit
Open Electives5 credits
TOTAL29 credits

Total Credits for Graduation – 126